AUTOMESH-2D: A Robust Quadrilateral Mesh Generator
All the source code is available. Easy integration into your FEM software.
2. Download demo version(Mono-domain): AUTOMESH2D MANUAL
AUTOMESH-2D was developed by Professor Guoqun Zhao and Dr. Xinwu Ma at Shandong
University, Jinan, China, based on robust mesh generation algorithm. The program can be used
to (re-)generate quadrilateral mesh for all kinds of FEM and FVM analysis. Currently the program
has been successfully applied to various engineering analysis, such as mechanical structural
analysis, structural analysis, flood analysis, geological analysis, and analysis of material forming
etc. AUTOMESH-2D can generate high-quality quadrilateral mesh on arbitrarily complex plane
region and mesh density (elemental size) can be flexibly specified and controlled. We can
develop the mesh generation software (i.e. pre-processor) with graphic interface according to
the user's application need, or supply the mesh generation interface (DLL or EXE) directly to
integrate with the user's FEM software. All the source code is available.

Except for AUTOMESH-2D, we have also developed 3-D surface quadrilateral mesh generator,
tetrahedral mesh generator and hexahedral generator. We can cooperate with the user to
develop together the mesh generation program and other FEM program. If you want to try,
consult and purchase AUTOMESH-2D or cooperate with us to develop mesh generation program,
please contact us. (Contact Dr. Xinwu Ma, E-mail: )

The main features of the program AUTOMESH-2D:

(1) Fast mesh generation. It usually takes less than 1 second for generating 1000 elements, less
than 10 seconds for 10,000 elements and less than 2 minutes for 100,000 elements.

(2) High mesh quality. The internal angle of the elements usually lies between 30 and 150
degree. The shape of boundary elements is usually close to square.

(3) Robustness. It is suitable for arbitrarily plane region and complex internal feature constraints
including constraint lines and points, and local refinement.

(4) Easy control of mesh size. The smooth transition of element size can be achieved even if
large difference of mesh density at different area.

(5) Adaptive mesh generation. Mesh can be generated adaptively based on field variable
gradient, boundary curvature and geometry feature etc.

(6) We can add new function according to the user's special need.
1. Download demo version(Multi-domain): AUTOMESH2D MANUAL
Note: The above demo is intended to show the part feature of AUTOMESH-2D and may differ
from the licensed version. The demo version is tested only for Windows XP. If you want to
run on other operating systems, please contact me: Dr. Xinwu Ma